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Masterlock Dealer

When it comes to personal security needs, few firms have a name as trusted as that of Masterlock.  They have a comprehensive line of lock and security products that can fit virtually any need, from things as simple as school lockers to extremely complex, high-value and security areas for businesses.  While this list is hardly comprehensive, here are a few of their most popular lock and security products, and just a few of the uses to which they can be put:

  • ADA Locks – These special locks are designed for those with special physical or cognitive challenges to deal with.
  • Bike/Backpack Locks – Students can feel completely safe when using our line of colorful and effective bike and backpack locks.
  • Cables + Chain Locks – Your cargo worries are a thing of the past when using Masterlock cable or chain locking products.  Most are 100% adjustable so they can be put to any application.
  • Doors – Padlocks, traditional handle locks, and more are all available from Masterlock.  We have a solution for every type of door, from standard home to reinforced security.
  • Electronic Access – We offer a variety of electronic security solutions and software products, each of which is fully customizable for an incredibly wide variety of applications.
  • Trailing/Towing – From hitches, to hitch balls, the locks themselves, or the chains or cabling, Masterlock has several complete towing solutions you can take advantage of.
  • Vehicle – Whether you drive a motorcycle, automobile, bus, or are looking to protect an entire fleet, we have vehicle locks that will fit your needs perfectly.

The above list scarcely scratches the surface of the personal and corporate lock and security solutions Masterlock is able to offer their customers.  No one in the business has a more trusted reputation or better name; Masterlock products are renowned across the world for providing incredible value and top-notch protection.  Archer Car Care is a registered Masterlock dealer and is happy to help you with inquiries related to any of their products or services.

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