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Car Repair Services

005Brake Repair – Sometimes, your need needs more intensive brake repair service than just replacing the pads and cleaning out any accumulated brake dust.  If you find your vehicle is experiencing jerky stops, or you hear any squealing or grinding noises, bring your car in to Archer Car Care as soon as possible and have their qualified experts take a look.  They will perform a thorough evaluation of your brake system, and replace pads, shoes, resurface the drums or rotors, or whatever other brake repair services your car may need to stay completely safe to use and operate.  They use only qualified, name-brand parts and all their labor is covered by an exhaustive warranty.

Check Engine Light – The check engine light is one of every driver’s least favorite service indicators.  Sometimes it can indicate an incredible serious problem with your engine, while in other instances you merely need a fuse replaced.  If your check engine light comes on, bring your vehicle in to Archer Car Care and we will help you determine the cause.  Whether it is the oxygen sensor, the gas cap, your catalytic convertor, the mass airflow sensor or your spark plugs and wires, they will quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and repair it at a reasonable cost.

Starter and Alternator – Starter and alternator problems are some of the most frequent vehicle issues people encounter on a day to day basis.  Archer Car Care is qualified to diagnose and repair problems with either the starter or the alternator, depending on which part is malfunctioning.  To determine which of the two components is at fault, turn your ignition key and listen very carefully for a clicking noise.  If you hear the click, your starter may be bad.  Alternatively, if the engine struggles but fails to turn over, you are experiencing an alternator or battery problem.  Either of these fixes is a relatively quick and painless process at Archer Car Care.

Window Motors and Regulators – If you think about the number of times your car window is raised and lowered, it is no wonder that window motors and regulators frequently malfunction and need to be replaced.  All vehicles have window regulators – even those powered by manual cranking; the regulator is the part which holds your window glass in place in the door frame.  Those who enjoy power windows have the same type of regulators, but also include small motors to provide power instead of the traditional crank.  If either your window motors or regulators have become damaged or need replacing, Archer Car Care can do so quickly and at a competitive cost.

Battery Replacement and Installation – Even if you take perfect care of your battery, they do have a finite lifespan, and you will eventually be in need of battery replacement and installation.  Archer Car Care features a full line of top quality car batteries and can assist you with selecting the right one for your needs, as well as with any installation concerns you may have.  You can rest assured you are receiving the best in both parts and service because Archer is a registered Interstate Battery Dealer.  You simply can’t find a better battery on the market or a better place to have the battery replacement and installation performed than Archer Car Care.

General Automotive Repair – Besides the services listed above, Archer Car Care is also able to assist you with nearly any general automotive repair problem you may have, from hood to bumper.  Feel free to contact them and speak with a qualified auto care specialist to discuss any questions about parts or service that you may have.

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