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Car Maintenance Services

004Oil, Filter, and Lube – To keep your engine running smoothly, cleanly, and in tip-top shape, you need to regularly get oil, filter and lube service.  Oil helps to cut down on the heat and friction which cause wear and tear on your engine parts.  Over time, the oil becomes dirty and contaminated, and must be regularly changed.  Every 3,000 miles or so you should get your engine serviced and have a mechanic take a look at the oil, filter, and lube in your vehicle.  At Archer Car Care, we are proud to offer a wide variety of brand name synthetic and genuine motor oil products.

Brake Inspection – Brake inspection is one of the most important elements of ongoing vehicle maintenance.  At Archer Car Care, we provide full and comprehensive brake inspections which thoroughly examine every element of the brake system in your vehicle.  If we discover that repair or replacement is needed, we can take care of that for you as well.  Archer uses only quality brake parts and features everyday low prices for brake inspection on nearly any make and model of vehicle.  They also offer a full warranty on all their break work to cover any incidental problems that may arise.

Vehicle Inspection – As you are likely well aware, every vehicle registered in the state of Texas is required to have an annual inspection to ensure that they remain safe and roadworthy.  Archer Car Care is happy to provide vehicle inspection services to their clients; they look at every one of the twenty individual safety points mandated for passenger cars, and can handle vehicle inspection for any other vehicle type as well.  Lamp problems, horn issues, mirror or seat belt problems on buses, mopeds, trailers, motorcycles and more – Archer Car Care is your one stop shop for anything related to the Texas annual vehicle inspection program.

Shocks, Struts, and Springs – Shocks, struts, and springs are some of the most important elements of your car; as parts of the suspension system, they are what help enable you to stay in control of your vehicle as you drive down the road.  Archer Car Care is able to help your suspension handle every twist and turn the road may throw at you by providing high quality shocks, struts, and springs for your vehicle.  If you notice your vehicle diving forward when you apply the brakes, or that your ride is becoming increasingly harsh and bumpy, it may be time to have your shocks, struts, and springs inspected at Archer.

Cooling System and A/C – Living in Texas, we can all appreciate the value of a functioning cooling system or air conditioner in our vehicles.  It can mean the difference between arriving at your destinations cool and composed, or a sweaty mess.  When your cooling system malfunctions or breaks, it can cause some real difficulties and a lot of headache and hassle.  Archer Car Care is able to perform complete cooling system and A/C maintenance and repair on nearly any vehicle on an extremely prompt basis, with a focus on getting you back in your car as soon as possible.

Headlight Restoration – Archer Car Care provides full service headlight restoration and repair so that you can remain safe when driving your vehicle at night.  Whether your lens is completely broken and you need an entirely new assembly, or you just need to restore them, Archer can help get your headlights back in top condition as soon as possible.  Headlight restoration is a great choice if your lenses have simply become damaged due to oxidation and other environmental problems, and our experts can help you decide if restoration is a viable alternative to replacement for you, which can really help you save money.

Battery Maintenance – Making sure that you regularly have battery maintenance performed is one of the keys to maximizing battery performance and life.  Archer Car Care can help you with every aspect of battery maintenance; we clean the cables and the battery itself, check the level of the electrolyte within the batter and top off if necessary, examine the overall condition and charge level, and more.  If we discover that you need battery replacement we can assist with that as well.  Archer Car Care is a licensed Interstate Battery dealer.

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